Searching for Stucco Repair Kits?

Stucco Repair KitIf you are searching for stucco repair kits online you have a lot of options. In some of our recent posts, we have talked about some compelling reasons why fixing cracks in your stucco right away is always a great idea that will save you your hard earned cash. Sometimes residential stucco repair and even commercial stucco repair can be a simple project and it can be done by a DIY type homeowner or business owner themselves. They can save tons of money by not having to hire local professional stucco repair contractor. At least when it comes to minor stucco repair projects.

To get that done, sometimes all you need is some sealant and you’re on your way. We even went ahead and reviewed some of the top stucco repair caulk and sealants for you. But when that doesn’t get it done, sometimes you need to come into the job a little bit more…equipped.

How helpful are these kits?

Fortunately for all of you do-it-yourself types, both retailers and manufacturers have put together stucco repair kits for a more comprehensive approach solution. But how helpful are these kits? What are some of disadvantages to their employment.

This article on does a good job briefly introducing the idea of personal stucco repair and  goes over how  stucco repair kits can be utilized:

Stucco repair is a project that can be done by a homeowner themselves so they can save a lot of money on yearly maintenance. Many homes are covered with a stucco siding and benefit from the many advantages it gives. Through the years of having a stucco siding, homeowners will notice that there is some continued maintenance to make sure that the stucco looks good and provides the adequate protection to the home’s inner shell.

“Having a well rounded tool kit will help greatly with many different types of home repair. A basic compliment of hand tools and power tools adds greatly to the amount of projects that can be performed and the level of success with each project. However, there are some specialty items that will help to do projects that can not be done with a basic tool set. One of the projects is that of stucco repair. While you may need some items such as a hammer, chisel, or brush, there are other tools that are essential to stucco repair.

There are many types of kits available, often varying by the brand of sealer used as well as the types of tools that are or could be included. Which kit you need generally depends on the type of job you’re facing.

To help us, has this useful guide. It should help survey the types of kits that are available and where they may be found:

You can find a number of different stucco repair kits from leading home improvement stores like The Home Depot And Lowes, but do they really work and are all of them really an “all in one” type of solution for every type of stucco patch or crack?

I will reveal some of the advantages and disadvantages of these stucco kits, how to use them and where you can find them in this article, so you have a very thorough understanding of what to expect and how you can achieve professional results when doing these simple repairs. 

Stucco Repair Kits by Manufacturers

We also wanted to list just a few stucco repair kits that were mentioned in the articles we quoted above to get you started…

  • Rapid Set Patch Compound
  • Phenopatch Premixed Stucco Patch
  • DAP Stucco Patch
  • LaHabra Color Patches
  • Quikrete Base Coat
  • Quikrete 1 Coat Base
  • Quikrete Pre-Mixed Stucco Patch
  • Rapid Set Stucco Mix (video below)

Stucco Repair Tool Kits

Also, you would need a small arsenal of tools to perform those small stucco repair projects… So we will give you some ideas on those as well…

  • Trowel
  • Float
  • Chisel
  • Bucket and Flat Board
  • Paint Cans or Stucco Pigment

All things considered, stucco repair tool-kits are useful to the extent that they conveniently include all the basic tools needed for a repair job. This is ideal for average consumers who may not have construction tools lying around the house.

However, for the aforementioned do-it-yourselfer’s who may already have the requisite tools, pre-assembled kits may prove a redundant and thus may be a waste of money. Which are you?

Need Further Help Wit Stucco Repair Project?

In one of our earlier posts we made sure you know How to Choose the Right Stucco Repair Contractors to help you with anything stucco repair related and who can tell you if you in fact need a professional stucco repair contractor.

In the case of any stucco repair project, whether it is for your home or your business, gets a little too much you can always call Stucco Repair Pros to take care of it for you. There is not a project that is too small or too big for us. You can contact us by simply filling out our Stucco Repair Estimate Request Form or calling our office at (904) 606-5353 and we will rush to your rescue… We promise!