Exterior Stucco Repair Needed – Top Signs

Stucco RepairStucco homes all through Jacksonville FL are always being influenced by our environment. Sometimes damage can be caused due to careless building practices of a exterior stucco installer as well as lack of maintenance or poor maintenance practices. Either way more or more families are finding damage to the exterior stucco of their homes. When it is appropriately installed, stucco is one the most reliable and versatile building materials around. But if it is not correctly installed, left unsealed or untreated it can be a nightmare for the owners of a home.

There are a lot of caution signs demonstrating the requirement for residential stucco repair or remediation in Jacksonville FL area. You have probably heard about some terrible incidents from a friend or a neighbor whose house has been affected by stucco damage. Any stucco property owner ought to be familiar with these signs so that they can look after their house as well as keep an eye out for exterior stucco damage sings and hire stucco repair contractor as soon as possible.

Three of the most frequent and familiar signs of stucco damages are given below:


This alarming sign might be hard to spot as most of the time efflorescence is seen even in big stucco homes. Physically, it shows up as a deposit of white salt in the outside of the stucco. The deposits begin where the stucco comes in contact with the soil or dirt, or where there is a significant concentration of water held in the stucco. As water gets absorbed into the stucco, it in the end drives away and leaves the deposits of salt behind.

Gaps around the doors and windows

Hole or gap in between the doors and windows are usually the aftereffects of reprehensible installation at the time of the building of the home. This can be the shortcoming of either the stucco installer or the doors and windows installer. These areas are regularly the source of actual stucco-related issues.

Straining or discoloration at missing kick-out areas

This sort of staining happens as there is a very high concentration of water that is not being directed away from the zones where rooftop lines meet the walls of the stucco. In many cases, this kind of staining is a pointer of the most actual hidden exterior stucco damages.
In case you have found any of the above alarming indications of stucco damage, it is pivotal that you contact a stucco repair contractor in Jacksonville FL. An ideal approach to correct a spoiled stucco home is to go about as quickly as could reasonably be expected to improve the issue and prevent any future problems.

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At Stucco Repair Jacksonville FL, our stucco repair and maintenance experts use a variety of ways to deal with stucco repair by deciding and determining the fundamental reason for any particular issue. Some stucco repair companies may only repair the issue at the surface because they want to finish the project quickly. As we all know it is very important to find out the main cause of the problem so we can fix it and to prevent any stucco cracks in near future. We also take care of commercial stucco repair issues.

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