Exterior Stucco Maintenance

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Exterior Stucco Maintenance Tips

Looking for easy to follow exterior stucco maintenance tips? Stucco is trendy external surface for the home because of its look, resilience and simple preservation methods. For some years now a large number of people building their homes in Jacksonville, FL go for the option of exterior stucco surface. When stucco installation contractors do their job properly stucco can stay up to 50 years costing homeowners very minimal yearly maintenance.

Although it requires minimal upkeep and repairs, the homeowners still have a role to play as they are encouraged to examine it frequently. The good news however is that stucco can be kept in good shape with small effort on your part and minimal stucco repair costs. You can always get more additional information on exterior stucco repair or restoration contractors can be found by visiting www.StuccoRepairJacksonvilleFL.com

Below are some guidelines on the nitty-gritty of washing and preserving your stucco exterior. You can also find some tips and tricks by checking out this stucco care manual.

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From its description, stucco siding is a solid exterior layer that consolidates any type of building material. This exterior siding absorbs a considerable measure of stains and waste. Get tips on how to wash stucco and also eliminate corrosion.

While it does not need extreme preservation, stucco however require extra consideration compared to vinyl siding. One of the basic forms of maintenance is running a monthly check on the external surface of the home for splits or cracks or any other stucco problems. And if you reside in a place where natural disaster like earthquake is pertinent ensure you check the stucco after every incident. It is also important to attend to small maintenance as required because waiting for too long can make the situation a lot worse and can cause even more unnecessary stucco repair issues which could be prevented.

 Cleaning Stucco External Siding Seasonally

It is advised to clean exterior stucco wall seasonally. This maintenance or cleaning should start at the lower part of the home then gradually aloft with a garden hose and then rinse dirt and waste downwards. Bristle brush can also be used during this cleaning to wipe obstinate dirt like bird dung and other biologically affixed stains. Complete the process by washing from top downwards.

Detergent can be used when cleaning tough discoloration. The challenge however is in the means of totally washing detergent off the corners or hidden places that constitute the exterior of the stucco wall.

Remnant of soaps can end up attracting stains which are noticeable often times in specific parts of the home walls where stains seems to build up faster compared to other areas.

An annual check on the external part of the stucco is recommended. Once this thorough check has been carried out, it is further advised to do a detailed wash. During the checks, make sure you look out specifically for stucco cracks or breakages because identifying these cracks at an early time will aid avoidance of more damage and unnecessary calls to your local stucco repair contractors. Repairing these small instances at an early stage is a lot less costly compared to fixing it when much more damage has been done. Any stucco installation contractor can tell you that.

By washing your external stucco annually, you will prevent stains from building up in its absorbent gap.

However those residing in areas with diverse climate and causative circumstances are encouraged to examine their outer stucco surface more than once annually. This is applicable to home owners living close to or on unpaved or dirt roads.

Yet another thing to check for when examining your outer surface is the presence of holes that can aid moisture and mold entry. Identifying these places early will make it easy to remove them. To remove mold, a measure of bleach is required to be applied on the surface and left for a few minutes. Rinse off the bleach afterwards and mold would have been removed. If this method fails, put some more bleach on the surface and scrub gently with a brush to get rid of mold. If mold still doesn’t leave after this, the expertise of a stucco repair contractor should be sought as mold might have been there for too long.

Sometimes, you will encounter challenges that you can’t mend yourself when washing or repairing your exterior stucco. Do not depend on DIY recommendations when you encounter bigger problems. A lot of times these recommendations will not work and might cause a much bigger problem. Instead seek professional assistance.

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External stucco siding apart from making your home looking great is also a convenient option for your home’s external surface. With the above mentioned guidelines it won’t be difficult to maintain.

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