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Stucco Repair Pros is announcing availability of our quality residential and commercial stucco repair Jacksonville FL, stucco installation and stucco removal services for the residents of Jacksonville Beach, FL. We have expanded our services to Jacksonville Beach, Florida are in December of 2017. We are republishing our press release on this expansion below.

We are very excited to report that home owners and business owners of Jacksonville Beach, FL are encouraged to call our office to schedule Free Estimates. Our office number is (904) 606-5353. They can also simply fill out Estimate Request form on this website. Either way, one of our experienced estimators will contact them ASAP to set up Free Quote.

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Stucco Repair Pros started providing stucco repair services in Jacksonville, FL and has already expanded into Orange Park Florida, Middleburg Florida, Atlantic Beach Florida, Neptune Beach Florida.

Home Improvements With Best ROI Tue, 30 Jan 2018 17:32:53 +0000

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These are a few home improvements that will give you the biggest bang for your buck in 2018. Image: My House Design Build Team

Every homeowner wants to get the biggest impact possible out of their home improvements. Whether you’re looking to make a move in the near future or are planning on staying put for years to come, it’s comforting to know that your investment of time and money is worth the effort, that the work you’re doing will add value to your home.

With that in mind, we decided to take the issue to the experts. We asked the leading minds in real estate to tell us which home improvement projects are set to have the best return on investment (ROI) in 2018. Read on below to see what they had to say and to learn where in your home your sweat equity will ultimately have the biggest impact.

Expect smart home technologies to start popping up everywhere. Image: Honeywell Home

1. Smart Home Technologies

“According to the most recent Luxury Portfolio Global Luxury Real Estate Report, 76% of buyers agree: Having a ‘smart home’ is very important to me. In particular, safety is a top concern. Of those surveyed, 39% are looking for a convenient, centralized network that securely controls smart-home and internet connections; aka the ability to operate a home security system through a mobile device.” — Stephanie Anton, EVP of Luxury Portfolio International

Let an outdoor living space draw in buyers. Image: Creative Environments

2. Outdoor Living Space

“According to a recent survey, 51% of home buyers find outdoor living space the most attractive quality when searching for their perfect home, more so than open floor plans and curb appeal. As such, outdoor spaces are becoming an ideal investment, not only for current homeowners’ enjoyment, but also for sellers looking to bring added value to a home for future sale.” — Joe Raboine, National Design & Training Specialist for Belgard in Atlanta

Energy-efficient options are set to be a smart investment. Image: Energy Efficient Homes

3. Maximizing Energy Efficiency

“Making energy-efficient upgrades will give you more bang for your buck in 2018. When thinking of energy efficiency, people often go straight to solar panels. However, smaller changes like upgrading your HVAC, water heater, or windows can also cut energy costs — resulting in an accumulation of savings over time. You can even make improvements as simple as adding solar-powered lighting to your front yard, which will help increase overall savings.” — Sacha Ferrandi, Founder of Source Capital Funding Inc., San Diego

As always, modernized bathrooms make a big difference. Image: Robson Homes

4. Modernized Bathrooms

“Modern bathroom trends are staying the same in 2018 as in 2017. Clean lines with rustic touches. Adding grays into the color scheme is also very popular right now and most consider this the greatest non-offensive tone to go choose from. (Beige is out.) Be careful, though, buyers like a very light gray. Some darker grays can come across as purple in certain lights.” — Sotereas (Teris) Pantazes, CEO & Founder of EFynch in Baltimore

Sometimes fresh finishes are all that’s needed. Image: Designtheory Inc.

5. Refreshed Finishes

“Not all renovations have to be huge. I like to suggest that homeowners update their finishes before they go to sell because it’s not always easy for buyers to visualize the potential of a space. If a space is really run down and a buyer thinks that he will have to redo everything, it’s easy to either over or underestimate the cost to achieve what it could look like. Older finishes also eliminate a big chunk of the buyers out there who just aren’t willing to do the work.” — Ori Goldman, CEO of Loftey in New York City

These are the projects to keep in mind when ROI matters most. Image: David Morello Garden Enterprises Inc.

Home improvements can be a bit of a gamble. On the one hand, while you’re living in the space, it’s only natural to want to create a space you’ll enjoy. On the other, if you intend to sell, you also want to make changes that appeal to buyers. That’s why we asked the pros to help you weigh the risks. They told us which home improvements will probably have the best ROI in 2018, so you can make sure to get the most bang for your buck.

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6. Replace Existing Siding With Stucco

Did you really think we are not going to talk about stucco in this article? We couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Stucco has been a go to siding option for both residential and commercial applications. The reason for that is because it is durable, low maintenance and less expensive than other exterior siding options. Stucco can last up to 50 years or more if it is properly installed and taken care of.

“There are a lot of advantages for stucco. Stucco in general is very long lasting, but its cost effectiveness probably tops the list, closely followed by the fact that it is very versatile. Enough so that it can be customized. There are plethora of texture, patterns and color options. Some decorative stones or other features can be added to the mix. Any type or look can be created. Stucco finish could be synthetic or acrylic. Stucco is extremely affordable and practically maintenance free. It is known that stucco resists insects, fungus, rot, etc.” — Robert Molina, Stucco Repair Pros.

Stucco exterior lowers heating and cooling costs. It maintains your home or business warmer during winter and cooler during the hot months. It is also a lot more fire resistant than other types of home exteriors. Also it keeps noise pollution down. So if you live near the highway or railroad it offers additional layer of soundproofing which is natural.

All of these factors combined will raise your home’s value and will make it more attractive to potential buyers when and if you decide to sell. Installing stucco is definitely one of the home improvement options that will have the best ROI for you.
So if you decide to replace your current siding (wood, vinyl, hardie board, etc.) with stucco exterior Stucco Repair Pros are here to help. Visit our homepage to schedule your FREE Quote or call our office for a no-obligation FREE Consultation. We can talk about all of the options as well as pros and cons of stucco.

For any other home improvement option it is very important to hire the right contractor for the job. We think that this detailed post about 9 Secrets Only Home Repair Contractors Know will help you with hiring perfect licensed contractor for the job.

Middleburg FL Service Expansion Mon, 29 Jan 2018 19:14:27 +0000

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Stucco Repair Pros would like to share some exciting news with our customers. We are now providing stucco repair, stucco installation and stucco removal services in Middleburg, FL. We have expanded our services to this fine city in January of 2018. Press release below has details of that expansion.

It would be our pleasure to provide residents of Middleburg, Florida with any of our professional stucco services. We offer both commercial and residential stucco contractor services. Please call our office at (904) 606-5353 to schedule your FREE NO-OBLIGATION Estimate.

One of our experienced stucco repair estimators will be out to your property ASAP.

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Stucco Repair Pros started providing stucco repair services in Jacksonville, FL and has already expanded into Orange Park Florida, Jacksonville Beach Florida, Atlantic Beach Florida, Neptune Beach Florida.

Neptune Beach FL Service Expansion Mon, 29 Jan 2018 18:54:33 +0000

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It is our pleasure to report to our customers that Stucco Repair Pros expanded their service area once again. We are excited to announce that we are now provide our professional stucco repair services in Neptune Beach, FL. We have added this beautiful city to our service area portfolio in January of 2018. You can read our press release which announces this expansion below.

Homeowners or commercial property owners who would like to schedule FREE QUOTE for their stucco repair services can call our office at (904) 606-5353 or simply fill out Estimate request form on this website. One of our very qualified estimators will contact them to schedule appointment.

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Stucco Repair Pros started providing stucco repair services in Jacksonville, FL and has already expanded into Orange Park Florida, Middleburg Florida, Jacksonville Beach Florida, Atlantic Beach Florida, Neptune Beach Florida.

Home Repair Contractors Tips Fri, 26 Jan 2018 17:28:26 +0000

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Before you even think of working with a renovation pro, consider this insider intel from our panel of expert contractors.

What are the most common mistakes people make when choosing a contractor?

Number one: choosing the contractor based solely on price. It may make your wallet happy, but the lowest bid isn’t always the best. Number two: not checking references and inspecting the contractor’s work. The truth is that any Joe can shell out a few hundred dollars and put together a website that will impress you. But you’ll never know whether he’s any good without seeing past projects—and that means visiting a previous client and running your hands over the counters and opening and closing drawers.

Why do bids often vary wildly in price? How negotiable are they?

It can be confusing when one contractor quotes you a certain price while another quotes you a price double that. The bottom line is that a contractor’s experience, the quality of their work, and even the size of their office factor into what they’ll charge. A company with dozens of employees and a big, fancy office will charge more. Some contractors may take shortcuts, so their bids are lower, but you could end up paying more in repairs down the road. Generally, bids aren’t negotiable. If you want to work with a specific contractor but can’t afford to, discuss scaling back the project a little or using less expensive materials so the price fits your budget. Finally, never—and we mean never—pay in full until every last bit of the job, down to that final doorknob, is complete.

What’s the best way to check a contractor’s reputability?

Good old word of mouth is a great starting point. Ask your friends for recommendations. Next, check the largest, most established referral service you can find (think Angie’s List). Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities to a few names, visit your municipality’s website to check local records and confirm that each contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured and doesn’t have any unsettled disputes.

What’s a sure sign at the start of a project that you’ve hired a good contractor?

Is he reachable when you need him? How long does it take him to respond to an email? How good is he at taking notes? What does the work site look like the first few days he’s in your home? Do your personalities click? If you’re happy with the answers to all these questions, you’ve made a smart hire.

On the flip side, what’s a sign that the work might be shoddy?

It can be hard to know during demolition how good your contractor’s work is. So instead consider how they communicates with you. If they are careful to return your emails and answer all your questions, they are probably just as conscientious about their handiwork. One red flag: Your contractor asks you to get permits. In most areas, you have to be a licensed contractor to pull a permit, so this request may be a sign that they dont have a license or that it has lapsed. And be wary of any contractor who demands a giant deposit early on. Some don’t require any money up front; others might ask for as much as 30 percent on signing the contract. Any more is highway robbery.

Why does a project often take longer than expected?

Sometimes a contractor will open up a wall or remove old fixtures and discover a nasty surprise—maybe rot, a bug infestation, or improper framing. Cleaning up those messes can add days, if not weeks, to a job. Another cause for a delay could be a client who changes their mind. Getting in new material or changing an order takes time. That said, there are contractors who take on too many projects at once or hire subcontractors who don’t stick to a schedule or who even stop showing up at all. More reasons to research your contractor ahead of time!

What’s the typical markup on materials?

Expect markup to be anywhere from 15 to 50 percent. If that seems steep, consider that a contractor is charging you the markup on discounted prices; contractors are tradespeople and can buy materials more cheaply than you can. Contractors are essentially acting as the manufacturer, so if something breaks or the product arrives damaged, they are responsible for fixing or replacing it. That’s not the case for items you buy on your own.

How often will my contractor be on the job?

If I want to see him personally and not just his workers, should I establish that up front?
Depending on the size of the company, the person you hired may not be the one showing up at your work site every day. Instead, you’ll work with a supervisor or project manager—and that’s a good thing, because he’ll know way more about your project than the big boss ever will. You should be able to reach your contractor easily if you have a question or problem, though. Lay down your expectations at the beginning of the job so you’re not disappointed.

What projects should always be handled by a pro?

DIY projects involving electrical, plumbing, or an HVAC (heating and cooling) system can be dangerous. Install electrical improperly and you could start a fire. Screw up your plumbing and you could end up with a flood or sewage up to your elbows. Mess with your HVAC system and you could inadvertently fill your home with poisonous carbon monoxide. And be warned that some contractors may shy away from taking a job that involves fixing a failed DIY experiment—it’s simply not worth the hassle. For these types of projects, hire a professional from the get-go.

Our Experts

• Kathy Cuppy, co-owner of All Phase Group Inc., Indianapolis
• Robi Kirsic, president of Timeline Renovations Inc., New York City
• Tom Miller, president of The National Association of the Remodeling Industry and owner of Tom Miller Remodeling Inc., Portland, Oregon

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If you want to know which home improvements will bring you the best bang for your buck read Home Improvements With Best ROI article. It talks about the best home improvement projects that will bring the most ROI for you.

Atlantic Beach FL Expansion Mon, 15 Jan 2018 20:55:02 +0000

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Stucco Repair Pros would like to inform residents of Atlantic Beach, FL that our quality stucco repair services are now available in their city. We have expanded our services to Atlantic Beach, Florida in October of 2017. We are republishing our press release on that matter below.

It is now possible to schedule Free Estimates appointments for residents and business owners of Atlantic Beach, FL by calling our Jacksonville office at (904) 606-5353 or simply filling out our Estimate Request form. One of our professional estimators will contact them to set up Free Quote.

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Orange Park FL Expansion Fri, 12 Jan 2018 16:04:08 +0000

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We would like to bring awareness to the fact that Stucco Repair Pros now offer services in Orange Park, Florida. Check out company’s Press Release which was issued at that time.
Free Estimate can now be scheduled for residential or commercial stucco repair by calling (904) 606-5353 or by simply filling out Estimate Request form on the right of this page. Our experienced estimator will be in touch with you ASAP to set up your no obligation FREE Quote.

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Yearlong Guide To House Cleaning Thu, 11 Jan 2018 15:28:00 +0000

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House Cleaning Guide

Image Credit:

My wife loves to keep our home in the best shape possible. Countless hours are spent every year on keeping up with clutter, dust bunnies, kid’s toys, window cleaning, etc. Not mentioning kitchen and all the bathrooms in the house. And that is only our home interior. I take care of the outside of our home, and let me tell you… That job never ends either.

Last week she came across great article from The Washington Post written by Lindsey M. Roberts. This article talks about how home maintenance done on annual bases will help us prevent costly repairs that are completely avoidable. I will republish this article in it’s entirety below. It has nothing to do with stucco repair at all, I hope you find it useful. So here we go…

A Yearlong Guide To House Cleaning, Starting With The January De-Clutter

By Lindsey M. Roberts
The Washington Post

Prevention is the best medicine with your house, as well as your body. “We go for our annual checkups to our doctor and dentist, so why not do it for our home?” says Mike Holmes, host of HGTV’s “Holmes on Homes.”

Annual maintenance will help prevent you from having to make an avoidable, costly repair, he says. For a comprehensive list of important annual maintenance tasks, we consulted with Holmes and other home-maintenance, cleaning and organizing experts. Stick to this basic list each month and your house will run like a machine.


Clean kitchen light fixtures. Becky Rapinchuk, author of “Simply Clean: The Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean, and Beautiful in Just 10 Minutes a Day,” recommends using a microfiber cloth or duster on glass shades and fixtures.
Declutter. Examine every room and try to get at least three bags of stuff out of the house, says Jill Nystul of the lifestyle blog One Good Thing by Jillee.


Dust baseboards and vents. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner with a hose and nozzle attachment, Rapinchuk suggests using a long-handled duster or a broom with a T-shirt secured over the bristles.
Clean light fixtures in the living and dining rooms. Take down chandeliers if you need to do a deep clean, and wash the parts in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts warm water, Nystul recommends.


Wash and fluff pillows and bedding. Focus on bedding that doesn’t get washed every week, i.e., the down comforters, pillow shams and covers.
Turn, rotate and vacuum mattresses. Slowly use a regular vacuum or a mattress-specific vacuum such as the Raycop to get dust mites out of every nook and cranny, Rapinchuk says.
Test and replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.


Get the HVAC system serviced. Holmes says to use a professional technician in the spring and fall to prepare for the most extreme seasons. “Part of their regular maintenance should be to vacuum any debris from the furnace blower,” he adds.
Clean gutters. Remove leaves and debris and make sure the downspouts direct water away from your home’s foundation, Holmes says.
Check decks and wooden exterior features. Perform a visual inspection annually. Do a deep-cleaning with a power washer, followed by staining and sealing, every three years, Holmes says.


Review contents of your emergency kit. If you don’t have an emergency kit, create one with a flashlight, batteries, candles, matches, a battery-powered radio, nonperishable food, bottled water and a first-aid kit, Holmes suggests. Also consider a backup generator.
Clean light fixtures in the master bedroom.


Get ducts and vents cleaned. Clean ducts will help with air quality and efficiency, Holmes says, adding, “Unless you have pets or suffer from major allergies, this isn’t a job you’ll need to do annually, but having the ducts cleaned every few years – or after a renovation – wouldn’t hurt.” Check dryer ducts, too.

Wash windows inside and out. Rapinchuk says her natural recipe for window cleaner works better than anything she has purchased. Mix four tablespoons of Castile soap, four tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and a half-gallon of warm water.

Check the attic. Make sure that there is sufficient insulation, that it is properly sealed with a vapor barrier, that vents are in good condition and that it’s well ventilated to let out moisture. “If your attic doesn’t have enough insulation, you could see instances of ice damming on your roof as heat escapes out of your home,” Holmes warns. “This can cause water to flow back toward your home.”
Clean light fixtures in other bedrooms.


Deep-clean the refrigerator and freezer. Consider containing and labeling items to make them more streamlined and attractive, Rapinchuk suggests, and don’t forget the pantry. Oh, and brush those refrigerator coils with a condenser coil brush.
Clean the dishwasher. Wipe down sides, check the trap at the bottom, and run an empty load with a cup or two of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher, Rapinchuk says.
Dust ceilings, corners and ceiling fans. Try an extendible pole system with microfiber cloths.


Get an annual inspection of the chimney and fireplace. “When you use your fireplace, the chimney’s flue will begin to get coated with creosote – a highly combustible substance,” Holmes says. “A proper chimney cleaning will remove that creosote, lowering your risk of a chimney fire.” Get it done in August so the fireplace is ready to use when chilly weather sets in.
Touch up paint inside and out where needed. Summer can be a good time to paint before it’s too cold to leave doors open for off-gassing.
Clean light fixtures in living and dining rooms.


Trim back overgrown and dead branches. Pay special attention to trees near your home and electrical wires, Holmes says.
Check caulking and weatherstripping around windows and doors. If anything is missing or falling apart, replace it. “Use a rubberized caulking that can expand and contract with the home,” Holmes says, and look for leaks and openings around pipes and vents.
Clean light fixtures in the family room.
Wash and fluff pillows and bedding. Examine sofa pillows and throws for stains, too.
Turn, rotate and vacuum mattresses. Sprinkle a quarter-cup of baking soda that’s been mixed with an essential oil over the mattress. Let it sit for half an hour, and then vacuum it up, Rapinchuk recommends. If you don’t have a waterproof mattress cover, get one and launder it with your sheets occasionally.
Test and replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.


Get the HVAC system serviced.
Vacuum or sweep the garage. This is a good time to wash, vacuum and declutter vehicles, too.
Service and winterize outdoor equipment. Test battery-operated snow equipment, Holmes says. Drain fuel or add antifreeze to lawn mowers, weed whackers and other machines not stored in a heated area.


Clean gutters
Shut down water for winter. Before the temperature drops, drain and put away hoses. Drain and shut off sprinkler systems and outdoor water taps – don’t forget the tap in your garage, if you have one. Drain the line by turning the inside water off first.
Vacuum the basement or storage area. Purge things you no longer use.
Dust baseboards and vents. Baby wipes work, Rapinchuk says, as do white foam erasing sponges or a mixture of warm water and Castile soap.
Clean master bedroom light fixtures.
Dust ceilings, corners and ceiling fans.


Vacuum lampshades. You can also use a lint roller to remove dirt.
Assess holiday decorations before putting them away. Donate what you no longer use and throw away things that are broken.
Assess holiday decorations before putting them away. Donate what you no longer use and throw away things that are broken.
Clean light fixtures in the bedrooms.


Vacuum baseboards.
Vacuum and spot-clean furniture.
Wash kitchen and bath mats.
Polish wood furniture.
Wipe switches, phones, computer keyboards and remotes. Use antibacterial dish soap and hot water, or an antibacterial spray such as the one Nystul makes, with a cup of water, a half-cup of white vinegar, and five drops each of wild orange, melaleuca and lavender essential oils.
Wipe down appliances. Rapinchuk likes microfiber window and glass cloths for this. “For non-stainless-steel appliances, I just recommend soap and water or your favorite all-purpose spray cleaners. They’re going to be easier to clean. For glass, you’ll want to use a cleaner.” And for stainless steel, she uses white vinegar and runs a microfiber cloth in the direction of the grain. She says olive or coconut oil can help get gunk off range hoods.


Spot-clean walls. Check for fingerprints, smudges and smears, and wash with a solution of a half-gallon of warm water to one or two drops of Castile or dish soap.
Change furnace filters. “You want to do this at least every three months – but I change mine every month during the winter . . . because we’re getting more use out of our systems,” Holmes says. Consider getting a programmable thermostat, too. “It helps keep the home more energy-efficient,” Holmes says.
Clean bathroom light fixtures and exhaust fans.
Clean and seal or polish hardwood floors.
Clean window treatments and blinds. “For blinds, I’ll start with a vacuum cleaner and run it all over the slats, and then flip them and run it over it again,” Rapinchuk says. “Then use that same attachment and just do the windowsills, too. You can then take a microfiber cloth or a sock and barely dampen it with rubbing alcohol and get a bit of that film off.” For draperies, she either uses her vacuum cleaner’s drapery setting and nozzle or takes them to a dry cleaner.
Clean the oven. Use the self-cleaning feature, and if that doesn’t do the trick, Nystul puts a pot of hot water on one rack and a cup of ammonia on another rack. She lets it sit overnight in a preheated (and turned-off) 150-degree oven, then scrubs away the softened grime.

Read original Lindsey M. Roberts’ article.
Copyright © 2018, Chicago Tribune.


Like I mentioned before, this article has nothing to do with stucco repair services, but I would like to include some stucco maintenance tips…
I can’t stress enough the importance of yearly stucco inspections and stucco maintenance. We have entire post dedicated to maintenance of your exterior stucco walls. You can read entire Exterior Stucco Maintenance article to learn what to do to keep your stucco in the best possible shape.
We recommend performing these inspections before Florida rainy seasons start. It would be a great idea to do it at the beginning of fall, September or October, when cooler temperatures come in. When structure cools down it contracts and stucco cracks appear to be bigger and it is always better to do stucco crack repair when they expand.
If you notice any stucco damage on your stucco wall like cracking, peeling, bulging, or anything else that does not look normal, please call our office right away at (904) 606-5353 to schedule a free estimate. It is very important to take care of these issues as soon as possible. By doing that you will possible prevent further damage that will be a lot more costly to take care of.
So now that we all have our home work (pun intended) for entire year let’s get to it.

Duval County Expansion Mon, 08 Jan 2018 18:57:03 +0000

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Stucco Repair Pros are now service entire Duval County, Florida. You can read company issued Press Release below.
You can schedule your free stucco repair estimate by calling (904) 606-5353 or by filling out Estimate Request form on this page. One of our experienced estimators will contact you ASAP to set up an appointment for FREE Quote.

This Press Release was originally published on

Stucco Crack Repair Kits Resource Guide Mon, 08 May 2017 19:09:26 +0000

Read More]]> Searching for Stucco Crack Repair Kits?

Stucco Repair KitIf you are searching for stucco crack repair kits online you have a lot of options. In some of our recent posts, we have talked about some compelling reasons why fixing cracks in your stucco right away is always a great idea that will save you your hard earned cash. Sometimes residential stucco repair and even commercial stucco repair can be a simple project and it can be done by a DIY type homeowner or business owner themselves. They can save tons of money by not having to hire local professional stucco repair contractor. At least when it comes to minor stucco repair projects.

To get that done, sometimes all you need is some sealant and you’re on your way. We even went ahead and reviewed some of the top stucco repair caulk and sealants for you. But when that doesn’t get it done, sometimes you need to come into the job a little bit more…equipped.

How helpful are these stucco crack reapir kits?

Fortunately for all of you do-it-yourself types, both retailers and manufacturers have put together stucco repair crack kits for a more comprehensive approach solution. But how helpful are these repair kits? What are some of disadvantages to their employment.

This article on does a good job briefly introducing the idea of personal stucco repair and  goes over how  stucco repair kits can be utilized:

Stucco repair is a project that can be done by a homeowner themselves so they can save a lot of money on yearly maintenance. Many homes are covered with a stucco siding and benefit from the many advantages it gives. Through the years of having a stucco siding, homeowners will notice that there is some continued maintenance to make sure that the stucco looks good and provides the adequate protection to the home’s inner shell.

“Having a well rounded tool kit will help greatly with many different types of home repair. A basic compliment of hand tools and power tools adds greatly to the amount of projects that can be performed and the level of success with each project. However, there are some specialty items that will help to do projects that can not be done with a basic tool set. One of the projects is that of stucco repair. While you may need some items such as a hammer, chisel, or brush, there are other tools that are essential to stucco repair.

There are many types of stucco crack repair kits available, often varying by the brand of sealer used as well as the types of tools that are or could be included. Which kit you need generally depends on the type of job you’re facing.

To help us, has this useful guide. It should help survey the types of stucco crack repair kits that are available and where they may be found:

You can find a number of different stucco repair kits from leading home improvement stores like The Home Depot And Lowes, but do they really work and are all of them really an “all in one” type of solution for every type of stucco patch or crack?

I will reveal some of the advantages and disadvantages of these stucco kits, how to use them and where you can find them in this article, so you have a very thorough understanding of what to expect and how you can achieve professional results when doing these simple repairs. 

Stucco Repair Kits by Manufacturers

We also wanted to list just a few stucco crack repair kits that were mentioned in the articles we quoted above to get you started…

  • Rapid Set Patch Compound
  • Phenopatch Premixed Stucco Patch
  • DAP Stucco Patch
  • LaHabra Color Patches
  • Quikrete Base Coat
  • Quikrete 1 Coat Base
  • Quikrete Pre-Mixed Stucco Patch
  • Rapid Set Stucco Mix (video below)

Stucco Repair Tool Kits

Also, you would need a small arsenal of tools to perform those small stucco repair projects… So we will give you some ideas on those as well…

  • Trowel
  • Float
  • Chisel
  • Bucket and Flat Board
  • Paint Cans or Stucco Pigment

All things considered, stucco repair tool-kits are useful to the extent that they conveniently include all the basic tools needed for a repair job. This is ideal for average consumers who may not have construction tools lying around the house.

However, for the aforementioned do-it-yourselfer’s who may already have the requisite tools, pre-assembled stucco crack repair kits may prove a redundant and thus may be a waste of money. Which are you?

Need Further Help Wit Stucco Repair Project?

In one of our earlier posts we made sure you know How to Choose the Right Stucco Repair Contractors to help you with anything stucco repair related and who can tell you if you in fact need a professional stucco repair contractor.

In the case of any stucco repair project, whether it is for your home or your business, gets a little too much you can always call Stucco Repair Pros to take care of it for you. There is not a project that is too small or too big for us. You can contact us by simply filling out our Stucco Repair Estimate Request Form or calling our office at (904) 606-5353 and we will rush to your rescue… We promise!